Sunday, July 26, 2015

Debbie returns to Utah - In memory of Shawn Parker

We received the terrible news that our son-in-law, Shawn Parker, became hospitalized on Thursday afternoon and passed away on Friday morning.  This situation can best be explained by the words that our daughter, Kari, shared on Facebook:

My wonderful sister in law wrote this for the love of my life, my knight in dented armor, Shawn Parker.

Today we lost our brother, son, husband and father, Shawn Parker.
On Thursday morning Shawn was involved in a minor vehicle crash that sent him to the hospital. He was released a few hours later but once home collapsed and stopped breathing, the result of an accidental overdose. When he arrived back at the hospital he was put on life-support. Due to the prescription medication already in his system and the years of abuse his body endured his body could not recover, he passed away peacefully this morning surrounded by his family. 
Our hearts are saddened but we know he is now in the presence of our Heavenly Father and that we will one day be with him again.

As a result, we put Debbie on a plane yesterday (Saturday) and she has arrived home to strengthen and help Kari through this difficult time.  She will remain in Utah until August 5, when she will return to Germany.
All of our prayers go out to Kari and her family and all of those who are mourning Shawn's passing. 
 We must pray continually so that we can have the blessings that our Heavenly Father wants for each of us, which includes understanding and peace.

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