Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tender Mercies

 In a time of tragedy and loss, God showered down tender mercies on me and my daughter Kari Parker. Recently Kari lost her husband and best friend to an untimely death.

The first tender mercy given us was that Shawn was able to pass peacefully through the veil minutes before the doctors and nurses removed life support.

Mike Murray provided the second tender mercy when he gave Tom the go-ahead to make arrangements for me to fly home from Germany the day after Shawn's passing.

I was blessed with another tender mercy with the companionship of the Holy Ghost as I flew home without my husband. Everything went smoothly and I was filled with great calm and peace.

The support and love that was shown to Kari by her siblings was another tender mercy. They all stepped up in a big way. It was truly amazing!

Shawn's family's caring acts of kindness and love were a tender mercy that helped Kari to make it through the most difficult experience of her life. They pledged their continuing love, help and support in the days, weeks, months and years that lie ahead.

Little Serenity Grace is another tender mercy. She is the part of Shawn that lives on in this mortal life. She looks so much like her daddy that it will help to keep the memory of Shawn alive. What a great gift and blessing from a loving Heavenly Father.

The outpouring of love and service from ward members was another tender mercy that blessed Kari's life. She was amazed to come home from the funeral to find a complete landscaping make-over of her front yard. All she asked for was for lawn to be mowed and watered. This is just one example of the service given to Kari by ward members.

Kari received several monetary  donations from family and friends which turned out to be another tender mercy as Kari tries to figure out how to make ends meet financially.

Being able to bless Serenity before I had to return to Germany was a sweet tender mercy. Shawn's dad was able to give his little grand-daughter a name and a blessing.

Serenity was amazing during the viewing, funeral and blessing.She was calm and peaceful as many hands lovingly took care of her. What a tender mercy.

The fact that both Kari and Beckie have felt Shawn's presence in prompting them to do things, has been a tender mercy.

Last but not least, I was able to travel home and be reunited with my wonderful husband safely and without any problems. This was the final tender mercy given me to close this very difficult chapter in my life.

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